“X-Men : Dark Phoenix” – Movie Review


The movie revolves around the psychic mutant named Jean Grey who meets an accident which turns her into the most powerful living being on the planet. This accident gives her powers that are beyond her control initially and her journey shows how she gets to control these powers and fight the antagonists who want to overpower Jean Grey. The Love and Hate relationship among the X-Men is also altered after Jean’s new powers prove to be catastrophic for fellow mutants and civilians.


The movie is actually good and not the way some critics have described it. It shows the journey of a girl who unexpectedly gets some super abilities that are hard to cope up with and unintentionally hurts the people she loves. The movie keeps the audience glued to their seats and the flow of the movie till the first half was correct in every sense. Although the movie was predictable and some more efforts could have been put in the later half, you won’t get bored at any given point and just like any other X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix also contains good amount of quality action scenes that were not hard to believe and can make you go “wooaah”. Jean Grey being one of the most powerful mutants of the X-Men deserved her own movie and I really love it that female oriented superhero movies are becoming very popular these days and they are doing a great job be it for the audience or on the box office. What really felt missing was Hugh Jackman’s cameo as Wolverine, which we saw up till X-Men : Apocalypse. In all the movie is not excellent but it is not bad either and because it is the last X-Men movie of this timeline, you should definitely go and watch it in the theatres.

I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5.

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