Spiderman : Far From Home - Movie review

Spiderman : Far From Home – Movie review

“Finally, a good Spiderman movie!!” That is how I shall express my views in a few words.


Our beloved Spiderman, or I should say the next Iron Man, is on a school trip with his friends to Europe which is a much needed break for him after everything that happened but duty calls for him when people of Europe itself face life threats from a never seen before villain.

Casting & Characters:-

We are familiar with most of the characters that we have already seen in ‘Homecoming’ or other Marvel movies. Apart from Mary Jane, Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, Nick Fury, Maria Hills, Aunt May and Happy Hogan we saw Betty Brant (Angourie Rice), and Mr. Harrington (Martin Starr) who served justice to their characters. But the person who actually completes this movie is Jake Gyllenhaal who is seen as the famous Spiderman villain – Mysterio. Jake has proven in this movie that not only he is charming, good looking man but also a brilliant actor. Some of his past projects include Love & other drugs, Everest 3D, Life, Accidental love etc.

Spiderman : Far From Home - Movie review


To be honest, I was really disappointed with all the Spiderman movies that I have watched except Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman trilogy and the Spider verse but the entire cast and crew of Far From Home has proven that there is some sensible film-making still left on planet Earth even if it is not a multi-starrer one. The flow of the story that follows, after what happened with Peter and people who are close to him, is exceptionally good and the way story has been adapted and then executed with touch of some of the events that we’ve seen in past was on point and simply smooth. The villain, for the first time in a while, was not just powerful but also clever enough to fool 7.7 billion people living on the planet. The direction of the movie also saw an upward movement on the graph and it is totally evident that Jon Watts pulled up his socks after getting mixed reviews on “Spiderman : Homecoming.” The CGI couldn’t have been any better and team has really worked hard on post production process. The movie had story, humour, action, love in appropriate quantity, a great villain, and of course your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman but if you are specifically looking for something more than all this then head towards you nearest theatres this weekend and watch the movie.

If you really are a Marvel fan you would never appreciate this phase to end any soon and I hope we get to see more MCU movies in future. I don’t think you can afford to miss this movie if I tell you that it is nothing less than 4 out of 5 stars in our ratings.

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