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Pokemon – Detective Pikachu : movie review

Pokemon, the fictional characters we all grew up watching, were one of the best part of our childhood. In 2019 we are here to encounter a movie which involves Pokemons as its centre of attraction. Did this movie live up to our expectations and gave us nostalgic feeling? Let’s read more to find out, shall we?

About the movie:-

First of all, I believe it is necessary for me to tell you that this movie is not all about Pokemons. Rather the Pokemons have been used as a backdrop in the entire movie to a story that revolves around Tim Goodman, the protagonist.

The movie is about a 21 years old boy who is on a mission to find where his dad is who, all of a sudden, goes mysteriously missing after an accident. In this mission he is accompanied by an adorable detective Pikachu who also happens to be Tim’s dad’s pokemon partner. Things go crazy for Tim when he finds out that Pikachu has special ability to talk to Tim, who is very lonely and never had a Pokemon before unlike everyone else in the Ryme city. He is also supported by Lucy Stevens, a junior jounalist who becomes Tim’s interest, along with her Psyduck. He somehow comes across Howard Clifford, who was his dad’s good friend, and tells him that his dad went missing because of a Mewtwo and the only way to find his dad is to find that super powerful Pokemon genetically developed from an ancient Mew in a laboratory. What happens next? Does Tim finds out where his dad is whom he hasn’t seen in years? Is Harry Goodman actually dead? These are some questions you need to find answers to while watching the movie yourself.

My review:-


The review of this movie is going to be short and crisp. The movie is a one-time watch which is something I did not expect from this movie after all this is the only Pokemon related non-cartoon movie I can recall. The casting could have been better and I personally did not like how Justice Smith portrayed the character. TBT this man is not at all funny hence all the action-comedy sequences and punchlines were nothing but a waste of energy and writing. Moreover the film-makers decided not to show the Pokemons we are well aware of and grew up watching. I seriously missed some of my personal favourites like Electrabuzz, Onix, Dragonite, Geodude, Aerodactyl etc. The cliche story and lack of action scenes that fill you with thrill and excitement were biggest loopholes of the movie. The movie was mostly predictable and failed to surprise us at any given point. Even if Pokemons were used as a backdrop, some justice should have been served to them in the movie. 


But there were some good points about the movie as well. First of all the CGI were absolutely mind-blowing. All the computer generated graphics were as good as real and the Pokemons looked actual part of real scenario. This movie made me wonder that Pokemons can really exist and be a part of our lives, just like our pets. The next best thing about the movie was none other than Ryan Reynolds. The combination of voice and expressions given by him to Pikachu could not have been done better by any other actor from Hollywood. Also his cameo in the movie, as Tim’s dad, was one of the most loved part by the audience. After all he is one of the most sexiest man on the planet. Lastly the best part of the movie was, obviously, the adorable Pikachu. It was good to see Pikachu in ‘never seen before’ avatar of a detective who can talk to a human and of course other Pokemons. The movements, the actions, the expressions, the fight sequence (that too with Mewtwo) all of it about Pikachu was so satisfying for the audience that they couldn’t have asked for more.

I would give it 3 stars out of 5.

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