Movie review : IT Chapter-2

IT Chapter-2 is sequel showing Twenty-seven years after the horror adventure of the IT(part-1).
The members of the Losers’ Club from Derry, have all separated their ways, but a devastating call brings them back because of an oath made in their childhood
“If it ever comes back, we’ll come back too.” Each has their own life, and are away from Derry, only Mike stayed back, and hears an echo of former horrors that calls his comrades to “come back home”.

The movie continously shows interplay between past and present.
This part brings the fight between the Losers and Pennywise too close, despite Pennywise’s attempts the losers make him lose at his own game of bullying and finish its evil once and for all.

The acting and casting is flawless. All the actors perfectly match to their children predecessors. It has some very good creepy jumpscares and wacky characters. The movie maintains a balance between comedy and horror and will excite horror movie enthusiasts.

Rating: 8/10

PS: Watch the movie in 4DX.
You’ll experience your seat move with the action on screen, accompanied by wind, mist, lighting and even smell effects.
Also 4DX has enhance the jump moments and give more roller coaster experience.

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