Ford Vs Ferrari: Lot more than racing

Ford Vs Ferrari is not just a random racing movie, film has a lot to offer apart from just racing sequences. The story is based on the true incident which dates back to the sixties, when duo of Carol Shelby and Ken Miles gave the Ford Company an impossible victory, overtaking Ferrari’s vehicles in the prestigious and extremely difficult 24-hour Le Mans race. Director James Mangold’s film Ford Versus Ferrari salutes the spirit, courage and struggle of Shelby and Miles.

In 1960s, the Ford Company’s vehicle sales were steadily declining, as the younger generation’s attraction to their vehicles was decreasing. Then an officer of the company, Le Lacoca (John Bernthal), suggests the Ford company to build a racing car and beat the Ferrari cars in France’s dangerous 24-hour Le Mans race. Ferrari dominated these races at that time, so defeating Ferrari by making such a racing car seemed an impossible task. Therefore, Lee goes to the only American (Matt Damon) to win the race and invites him to join Ford. Shelby now designs cars, abandoning racing due to the heart diseases. He knows that it will not be easy to compete with Ferrari, but the ambitious Shelby, accepts this offer and chooses English car engineer and racer Ken Miles (Christian Bale) as partner for this historic mission. In this journey, Ken and Shelby not only have to face many technical problems, but also have to deal with shallow corporate politics.

Director James Mangold have done a remarkable job in making Ford vs Ferrari. Matt Damon and Christian Bale have put on very strong performances. The VFX work is amazing and very real at the same time. Movie also have some emotional scenes with Miles’s wife Molly (Catriona Balfe) and son Peter (Noa Geup). Just like all other characters he have played, Matt have perfectly played a sensible, balanced and ambitious Shelby.

The racing sequences are breathless. Overall, this film, adorned by all the ups and downs and the stunning performances of Matt Damon and Christian Bale, crosses the finish line and falls into the heart.

Rating: Overall I would rate it 8.5/10

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