avengers endgame

Avengers: Endgame, Movie Review


Ever since Infinity War ended with Thanos winning, and half of all living beings dead, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been waiting for the epic conclusion to the conflict which would also be the culmination of 21 movies. That’s a lot of movies. End Game, which is a direct reference to what Dr. Strange said to Tony, has a runtime of slightly over 3 hours, so everyone knew this one would be action packed.

The movie starts out slow, but slowly and surely it starts to pick up speed. The fans had a lot of theories going in, but the events that take place in the first 20 minutes put an end to all that. From then onwards, the story became unpredictable, which is incredibly tough to do, especially in a superhero movie. The story has a good blend of funny and serious moments, and it works within the context. Sacrifice seems to be a theme going in on both Infinity War and End Game; how much are you willing you sacrifice for your cause? The last 40 minutes are the just packed with incredible action and things you wouldn’t even dream of (unless you read the comics) and in my opinion it is a very strong ending to a saga that started 11 years ago. The conclusion has satisfied the fans and the movie is currently in the top 5 highest rated movies of all time on IMdB.

avengers endgame

I had a few problems with the first half of the movie, but the strong second half more than made up for it. The action was great, the pacing was excellent, dialogue was witty, and the acting was brilliant. The CGI is something that Marvel is criticised a lot about, but it was also pretty good here. The studio spared no expense with this movie, and it shows.

I’d rate this movie a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Go and enjoy the movie if you haven’t yet and even if you have, go again because it is that amazing. But remember, don’t spoil the End Game for anyone, because Thanos will get you first.

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