Victoria Secret’s first ever trans model
Valentina Sampaio, a Brazilian transgender model has been reportedly hired by the very renowned women’s lingerie brand Victoria’s secret. The model took to instagram to share this news and some behind the scene shots from her upcoming Victoria’s Secret Pink campaign. The news of Victoria’s first transgender model has been drawing attention on various social media platforms and why would’nt it be since the brand has at various times put its image in jeopardy by negatively commenting on plus- size women and transgender.

Razek , company’s chief marketing officer had made derogatory comments about plus-size women not attracting any interest because apparently the fashion show is a “fantasy”and plus sized models dont fit into the mystical lands dominated only by tall and sleek legs.Critics were of the opinion that this move was long overdue and i cant agree more. I believe that fashion business should be open to all and it should serve as a great opportunity to break barriers. As the 22 year model wrote on her instagram ” Never stop dreaming “

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