Remakes and remixes are not a new thing in bollywood. It has been happening since 1920’s but it has been observed that this trend has taken a leap in the recent years. Remakes have now become one of the coolest trends of film industry.
We have seen numerous hollywood movies being remade in bollywood. Recently there is news about “Girl on the train ” being remade with Parineeti Chopra as lead.

South Indian movies remake trend has also been going on for a long period of time now and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere in near future because a no. of south remakes are alredy in the pipeline.

Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini , Salman Khan’s Wanted and Ready turned into commercial successes in bollywood thanks to south and telugu film industry. The business that these films do lead other film makers to attempt to encash on the same formula and their attempt doesnt fail thus the process goes on and on.

Remixes and remaking of old songs are also trending nowadays. It looks like this is a marketing strategy where they try to hit your nostalgia. Once you listen to an old song in a jazzed up way it takes you down the memory lane and you start to enjoy that song however shitty it is. This increases the song’s popularity and hence their revenues. Clearly bollywood is taking a short cut for success because obviously creating something new will require hardwork , creativity and out of the box ideas and also risk of not being accepted.They try to bank on that content where audience alredy have the idea of the story line , characters and plot. So heavy lifting is alredy done. You just have to do the right marketing. Remakes and sequels are emerging as the safe way to garner the crores in Hindi mainstream’s age of rehash, and the industry is falling back on old films and songs even for titles. Audience too enjoy these remakes but not all the time.

Sometimes you want a fresh story because there is no fun in watching a thriller whose ending you alredy know.

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