ujda chaman vs bala

We often hear good things come in pairs and that seems to be true when it comes to Bollywood making films on male baldness. Bollywood is offering two films, both of which are based on male baldness – ‘Ujda Chaman‘ starring Sunny Singh and ‘Bala‘ starring the dream girl Ayushmann Khurana – releasing back to back on November 8 and November 7 respectively. The uncanny resemblance between the two films is not going to be unnoticeable. Looks like an interesting journey has already begun for both the films long before their releases. Both the leads suffering from premature hair fall and gradual baldness, being teachers, going for hair transplants, being teased by their students – might be some of the many similarities between the two upcoming comedy-dramas. Even the posters appear to be similar, more like identical. ‘Bala’ and ‘Ujda Chaman’ have both thrown a serious light on the social connotations due to alopecia under the banner of Maddock Films and Panorama Studios respectively. The trailers are officially out now and the public might have chosen one among the two to be watched, leaving a serious clash between their profits. It is often said that competition is healthy in any form of art, but the competition can take an ugly turn when it leads to legal tussle as well. Abhishek Pathak, director of Ujda Chaman has warned to take legal actions against copyright violation on Bala making an unusual turn for it just weeks before its release. On the other hand, Dinesh Vijan who’s producing Bala stated,”If there are multiple films which deal with one of these themes, it’s all the more variety for the viewers to choose from which can never be a bad thing. It’s quite unfortunate if someone, especially a fellow filmmaker, sees this as anything but a positive for audiences. Maddock stands firmly by the originality of its film, and will back it’s project all the way, including through legal recourse if need be.” Only time can tell their fates now and there’s just one way to learn who’s going to win – wait and watch!

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