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Why to watch:

John Abraham
Jackie Shroff
10% of suspense
Mouni Roy
You are Patriotic!

What to expect:

Disappointment? High Sir!
Buying a lot of popcorn with drinks and something to drink beforehand, to keep yourself awake.


Somehow, Jackie ends up believing that son of passed away soldier is perfect person for a highly sensitive mission and a crash course will be more than enough for him as “blood running in his veins belongs to a soldier who loved his country more than anything in this world.”
Now about John’s character:
Banker in day time and actor in night time, faces a situation where 2 guys end up robbing his bank and he tackles the situation very well. Apparently, those 2 guys were undercover cops who were taking a test of John and he passes the test with flying colors and he ends up getting knowledge about the mission and he says yes!
I expected things to get better and a lot of suspense, but guess who was proved wrong?
Not a lot of suspense, 90% of things in the movie is pretty transparent to the eyes of those, who have watched similar movies number of times.
So yes, it is pretty mediocre movie and watch on your risk.
But to be honest that 10% suspense can make you wonder whether it was worth your time or not.
I was a bit baffled at the end but rest was one-time watch.
So, yeah, enjoy!

Rating- 3.5/5

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