junglee movie review

Why watch:

spellbound actionsbeautiful scenery, forest, elephants!! Choreographed fighting scenes by the one and only Director Chuck Russell- known for Hollywood movies like The Mask debuts in Bollywood with Junglee. Movie: Action packed with a really nice message. Haven’t watched a movie in a while related to conservation.


If you still are not convinced, think twice about missing amazing action, eye-boggling scenery.


Meera (Asha Bhat) who wants to interview Raj (Vidyut Jammwal)’s father, who owns and take care of the sanctuary.Apparently, there are people hunting down the elephants, unknown to the fact Raj has become a veteran and will be onto them once he will find the whole scene.Raj revisits his old days and remembers his childhood, happy days.These problems could be seen, but his father has turned out to be an alcoholic.Attacks increases as per the directions of the deadliest poacher (Atul Kulkarni).
Earlier Raj wanted to live a city life but now he wants to save the innocent animals and everyone he loves.That calm of a jungle and things we don’t see behind the fancy products made from animals are shown in the movie, as earlier said a movie related to conservation.


If you want to watch something different, which includes a few funny scenes here and there, good action scenes, scenic beauty and calm, this is your go-to movie.Want to watch it the second time, it totally depends on you.

RATING : 3/5

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