Cast: Vikas Kumar, Sumit Kaul, Talha Arshad Reshi, Rasika Dugal
Director: Aijaz Khan
Venue: Palm Springs International Film Festival
Where to Watch: Netflix

“A Tale of heaven made hell”

Ravaged by politics and religious conflicts, the once peaceful valley is now made a hell. Several filmmakers have over the years explored the Kashmir situation. It’s a story of nation, long divided by politics and war, Hamid is a tale of loss, resilience and hope.

This movie promises to engage both children and adults with its narrative and performances, providing a sympathetic perspective on a harsh reality of Kashmir and Kashmiris.

About the movie :

It’s the story of 8-year old Hamid (Talha Arshad Reshi) who thinks of innocent plan to bring back his missing father who vanishes one night. Here the brutal reality of Kashmir is shown Like many families in the Kashmir, Hamid and his mother, Ishrat (Rasika Dugal), hear nothing from the authorities after Rehmat’s disappearance. Tired of Hamid’s questions Ishrat tells Hamid that Rehmat has gone to Allah. Hamid’s innocence makes him call 786 which is told to be Allah’s number. The number accidentally connects him to a CRPF jawaan (Vikas Kumar) and he believes it’s Allah. The innocent encounter between the two will melt your heart.


The movie shows the pain the endless wait for one’s own people with no ray of hope in the path, the situation they face everyday and a burden and suffocation they bear for the rest of their lives.

The movie does not take side either of India or people there which makes it more beautiful and a complete reality check.

It’s a must watch movie for people who want to know real pain and suffering of people in Kashmir and not just believe what is actually shown to us through media.

Warning: There are certain instances in the movie that will make you cry like a kid.

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