Ujda Chaman released on 1 Nov 2019 . The film deals with the issue of premature balding where a 30 year old hindi professor is struggling to keep up with the insults thrown upon him by his students and the pain of not being able to get married.

The makers have tried to explore the unexplored and kudos to that. Since the day I saw the trailer I knew I was going to watch this movie for sure.
Movie is about Chaman Kohli(Sunny Singh) who is a 30 year old not so eligible bachelor who is desperately trying to find romance and a life partner in his life but fails to do so because of his receding hairline. His family is warned by an astrologer that if doesn’t get married by the time he turns 31 he will have to stay a celebate.
The movie has a genuine potential to make the audience laugh and give a message at the same time but writers have failed to go beyond the obvious. It undoubtedly is funny but not hilarious and also it somewhere lags behind when it comes to picking up the story line. It can also get boring after some time. It was difficult to wrap one’s head around the fact that premature balding could be such a major reason for rejection in the age where bald men are considered sexy. Manvi is a promising is actress but does not have much to work with.

Review :

Overall , yes I was expecting a lot from this movie but it failed to stand up to it. Comedy is okay. Its not a horrible movie so if you want to spend your weekend watching a decent movie you can go for this one.

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