The CAB which is driving India crazy

The citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 amends the citizenship act 1955. Through this act the non-muslim illegal immigrants i.e. Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhist, Christian, Jains, and Parsi communities from Afghanistan Bangladesh and Pakistan will get the citizenship of India. The CAB was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, 125 lawmakers voted in favour of bill and […]

Understanding Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

Union Cabinet have approved the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, but the opposition is opposing this. Let’s know what are the provisions in this bill and why is the opposition opposing it… The Bill provides for the granting of citizenship of India to non-Muslim refugees (Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsi and Christian community) victims of religious […]

Manmohan singh hits out at Modi Government

Indian economy is going through one of the hardest phases with its GDP growth rate touching the lowest lows at 5 percent and massive unemployment in some major industries. With all this happening Dr. Manmohan Singh our former Prime Minister had addressed the situation. According to him the condition of the economy is “deeply worrying” […]

An Insight Into Both Sides of RTI amendment Bill

Despite opposition from Opposition parties in the Lok Sabha, the government presented the Right to Information Bill 2019. With the Congress and TMC’s walkout, the bills were allowed to be presented with 224 votes against nine. The revised bill says that the terms and conditions of the salaries, allowances and service of the Chief Information […]

Modi: Ardent Hope for the Farmers and their destitution

A community which is politically used only to rage a revolution against various  Government’s to overthrow them for the purpose of creating social unrest is – ‘Farmers’. They are deprived of every basic need, and ironically, one cannot live even a single day without depending upon them. By realising that farmers are committing suicides even […]

Modi Govt.’s dealing with National Security, Internal Threats and Soldiers

I belong to a family of defence personnels whose father retired from Indian Air Force. While living in air force campuses, I have seen martyrdom pretty closely. Thus, terrorist attacks in Uri sector and Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir shook me a bit more. But to the great surprise, our forces retaliated against the […]

Five years of Modi Govt: All you need to know before the results of general elections!

All you need to know before the results of general elections! Elections, campaigns and different phases of voting are going on in India, a country which was a British colony 72 years back. It may be a matter of surprise for people across the globe that Indians celebrate their parliamentary elections as a festival of […]