स्कूल की वह बातें चुलबुली यादें झगड़ना मनाना एक दूसरे को बहुत सताना टिफिन ब्रेक से पहले चुपके से टिफिन खत्म कर जाना लास्ट बेंच पर बैठकर सामने वाले को पेंसिल चुभाना मेरा रोना और तेरा सताना मेरा रोना और तेरा मनाना कहां रह गई है वह यादें जिस पर बैठकर चाय की डुबकिया घटक […]


The chili pepper on the wheels Smashed into the ice A hard touch of wood broke The shield of ice, And Water touches the light; The smoothness halted The Creamy touch of rubbery glassy Shades,Twinkling on the ice ageCracked the base; Almost louder than I heard before Slams the gate, One touch of storm can […]


Shadows run over the sewage But Are still clean,Love is running into the veinBut Is still shameless dust as the genes, Oh! ThoThey see those dirty pictures through their naked eyesBut Are is said dirty,Where she portraits her talent making some hard choice. What a twist? The twinkling nights never end until the moon is […]


“Hope is the medicine of pain, confidence in your faith and the magical alphabets which can change your fate“. The world has been created with the four letters and the single magical word “Hope”. We do not even have the true statistical ratios to find out its true impact on life. The first particle was […]